Benefits of Using UPVC Pipes for Your Home or Office

There is no doubt that a big part of making any home or office building liveable and comfortable is its plumbing! Ask anyone who is struggling with leaks and mouldy walls, and you will know that even one poorly fitted or low-quality pipe can cause extensive damage and long term trouble for homeowners or office […]

Effective Use Of Suction Pipes In Agricultural

A Look At How Suction Pipes Are Used In Agriculture Across India, millions of simple PVC suction pipes criss-cross agricultural fields. These are the critical lifelines of the entire Indian agricultural sector – streamlining and simplifying irrigation across diverse terrains and weather systems. Suction pipes like the ones supplied by Kasta Pipes are used for […]

How RPVC Pipes Are Helpful in Agricultural Sector

RPVC/ UPVC (Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride/ Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are now the default for most use-cases in the agricultural sector. Because of their cost-effectiveness, strength and variety, PVC pipes and fittings have become the go-to option for most farmers across the globe. In agriculture where the main requirement for pipes is for moving water along […]

How Can Garden Pipes help You Maintain A Green Garden

Imagine managing your outside area without a garden hose! Whether you have a small front lawn or a vast kitchen garden at the back, irrigating it with watering cans or buckets is not a solution that will work. Without a garden pipe, maintaining these spaces at optimal levels of greenery would be absolutely impossible. However, […]

5 Common Varieties of Pipes Used in Industrial Solutions

When it comes to Industrial uses, pipes are generally used to convey a broad category of fluids and solid materials. With each different type of material comes unique requirements of strength and durability, which is precisely why industrial pipes come in a variety of different sizes, materials and features. Pipe with both flexible and rigid […]

Why Elastomeric Pipes Are Preferred For Various Purposes

From agriculture to micro-irrigation to home plumbing Elastomeric UPVC pipes have become the default for individuals and businesses across India. Their continuing popularity can be attributed to the fact that when manufactured under strict quality control with the latest technology, these pipes provide the best leak proof technology across varying conditions. Main Applications for UPVC […]

What type of pipes are used in a borewell?

Experts unanimously trust uPVC casing pipes and column pipes when installing borewell setup for both domestic and industrial applications. uPVC pipes are unquestionably preferred over metal pipes due to their superior and sustainable properties that metal pipes lack. Let’s take a look at the unique characteristics that make uPVC pipes long last as much as […]

How to do rainwater harvesting?

Water is more than just a commodity. The entire existence of the world depends on this invaluable resource. The sooner we learn and accept this fact, the better we will fare. In such times, when the water level is going down rapidly, it is the need of the hour to save it and replenish every […]

Why is rainwater harvesting important?

Water is unquestionably one of the most critical elements present in the world, and its influence can be understood by the evidence that the existence of every life form depends on water to carry out body functions at a cellular level. All domestic, agricultural or commercial activities require water. But dismally, our water sources are […]

The Advantage of RPVC pipes used in piping systems

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is a plastic polymer that is fabricated in two different forms, rigid and flexible. RPVC is a rigid form of Polyvinyl Chloride. RPVC is chiefly used in construction work and industrial applications. Products like plumbing pipes, fittings, packaging material, vinyl windows and doors are made with this material because it possesses […]

Suction pipes, suction pipes manufacturer India, trusted by experts

Suction pipe is an often-overlooked component of pumping systems. But no matter how underrated it might be, it is an incredibly important part of the operation. If you install a suction pipe without checking its size, length or miscalculate the friction-loss, your pump won’t function properly, or even entirely fail to operate. So, let’s learn […]

What Are The Benefits Of Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is an excellent micro-irrigation technique of dispensing water directly into the root system of the plants and crops. This process saves a considerable amount of water by minimizing the evaporation as compared to conventional irrigation methods. There are two types of drip irrigation systems that are primarily used to irrigate the intended areas. […]

How To Select The Best Column Pipes For Your Work Field

Column pipes are the essential components of borewells, submersible pumps and jet pumps. They are used to extract water from underground stream and convey it to the surface. Pumping systems might fail if you do not install appropriate column pipes. Column pipes are also used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Here are some essential […]

Effective Use Of The Sprinkler Pipes

A sprinkler system is a cluster of machines which are used to receive water from an underground or a stored source to uniformly spray it out on a designated field. The concept of a sprinkler system is very straightforward. A pumping mechanism extracts water and directs it to a fixed network of sprinkler pipes. These […]

How To Select The Best Pipes For Your Work Usage

Pipes are omnipresent. They are a versatile commodity and built with different materials like metals, PVC, CPVC, and HDPE. Pipes are used in domestic and commercial piping systems and have a wide array of applications. There are several benefits of installing pipes in the pumping systems. That includes irrigating the agricultural land, expelling sewage, conveying […]

5 Quick Facts About The Column Pipes

Column pipes are the hollow tubes that convey the underground stream water through submersible pumps to the surface. These pipes are applied in submersible pumps and jet pumping systems for domestic and commercial operations. Column pipes have a compact and sturdy design to endure a significant amount of shock, jerk-load, and thermal variation. They are […]

What Are The Advantages Of Using Suction Pipes

Depending on whom you ask, an amateur will tell you that a suction pipe is nothing more than a tube that sucks the fluid at one end and disposes it at another. But a mechanical master will assure you that it might be one of the most critical yet underrated component of a pumping operation. […]

Why You Need To Install Proper Sprinkler Pipe To Save Water

Let us understand the science behind the sprinkler system before getting into the sprinkler pipes first. A sprinkler works on the technique of spraying fluids (mainly water) in a controlled fashion similar to the rainfall with the help of a rotating nozzle on the top, joined by perpendicular pipes called laterals on the bottom controlled […]

Simple Yet Effective Use Of Suction Pipes In India

Suction is a process of creating a partial vacuum to draw fluid into a vacant space and transmitting it through a tube called suction pipe. Suction pipes are primarily made of PVC, a durable, rust-free, long-lasting material. A spiral wire is embedded into these pipes to make them flexible yet durable. Ideally, suction pipes are […]

What Are The Benefits Of Column Pipes In Your Borewell

It’s a no brainer that column pipe is a crucial component to any borewell framework. Depending upon the choice of the pipe, your borewell project will either succeed or fall apart. So, before you put in the tubes, let’s dig deep into the world of column pipes and learn how it works. What are column […]