Why Elastomeric Pipes Are Preferred For Various Purposes

From agriculture to micro-irrigation to home plumbing Elastomeric UPVC pipes have become the default for individuals and businesses across India. Their continuing popularity can be attributed to the fact that when manufactured under strict quality control with the latest technology, these pipes provide the best leak proof technology across varying conditions.

Main Applications for UPVC Elastomeric pipes –

Potable water – Elastomeric pipes are widely used for providing drinking water in rural and urban areas. Used in water pipeline systems and drinking water supply systems.

Agriculture and irrigation – UPVC pipes are the gold standard in all types of agricultural activities too. Here they are used extensively in subsoil drainage systems, as mainline or sub-main in drip irrigation systems, as part of reclaimed water distribution systems, and for lift irrigation.

Industrial usage – In the industrial or manufacturing sector, elastomeric UPVC pipes are used for a variety of functions such as in chemical effluent disposal system, bio-gas and oil distribution lines, as part of industrial water lines and plant piping systems and for transportation of acid and slurries

Sewage – Elastomeric pipes are also widely used for sewage transportation in sewerage transmission lines and overall sewage disposal systems.

Main Advantages of Elastomeric UPVC pipes

Extreme durability

Elastomeric pipes offer incredibly robust and long-lasting service. They have proven corrosion and chemical resistance properties to most acidic and alkaline solutions and are also not susceptible to scale formation, rusting or similar atmospheric factors. This makes them extremely useful inhilly areas where the temperature is very low and in high-temperature zones such as deserts.

Easy to handle – Elastomeric UPVC pipes are more flexible and less dense. This makes them lightweight and extremely easy to handle during transportation and installation. Its flexible tubing makes it resistant to kinking and necking as well.

Cost-effective – lightweight pipes result in more feet of tubing according to weight – this makes them cheaper to manufacture, buy, transport and also reduces labour charges during installation. Add to that their long shelf life and you can be sure to get more than your money’s worth.

Convenient to install  – The pipes come with manpower saving push-fit joints which can be easily handled on any terrain and in any weather. These elastomericjoints take expansions and contractions in their stride without suffering any leakages or damage. The elastomeric pipesare lighter to handle, therefore lead to faster installation as well.


Nothing comes close to the durability and the ease of management offered by elastomeric UPVC pipe. It not only rules the world of construction but has also firmly established itself as the go-to option for most farmers across India. To know more about the various sizes and types of elastomeric pipes and to understand what suits your specific need best, do call Kasta Pipe representatives here.