SWR/Drainage Pipe


The soil, waste, rain water (SWR) drainage system is an ideal solution for sewerage applications across rural and urban areas. Owing to its superior properties over costly and unhygienic conventional drainage systems, Kasta SWR pipes and fittings facilitate the fast removal of waste without blockage and leakage. Its high impact strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, durability and zero maintenance make it cost-effective over other conventional drainage systems.

One end-of-the-pipe and fitting is plain; while the other end comes with a socket. The two ends can be easily joined by applying a coat of solvent cement, which ensures a bonding at the joint and makes it strong enough to withstand adverse conditions.
These pipes and fittings are suitable for buried and horizontal lines.

One end-of-the-pipe or fitting is plain; the other end comes with a grooved socket and EPDM Rubber Rings “Duro Ring”. The two ends can be easily joined with rubber ring with the help of a rubber lubricant. This joint can withstand thermal expansion for the shaft or vertical lines.
These pipes and fittings are suitable for shaft and vertical lines.

  • Standard reference: IS 13592-2013 (Pipe) and IS 14735-1999 with Latest Amendment (Fittings)

Pipes conform to IS 13592:2013

Nominal outside (D) mmTolerance on outside (D) mmWall thickness Type A (t) mmWall thickness Type B (t) mmWall thickness-Sufla (Non-standard) (t) mm

Pipes are also available in more sizes of nominal diameter – 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm

Ring-O-Socket/Sel-fit fittings
Bend, Door bend, Tee, Door tee, Y, Door Y, Double Y, Double Y with door, Coupler, Reducer, Nahani Trap, P Trap,
Vent cowls, Pipe clips, Round jali, W.C. Connector, Multi floor traps etc.

  • Light in weight; easy to install and transport
  • Smooth inner surface; excellent flow characteristics
  • Low thermal expansion and conductivity
  • Self-extinguishing; non-flammable
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Long life
  • Leak proof; maintenance-free service life
  • Drains and sewer lines of residential and commercial complexes
  • Soil, waste and rain disposal lines used in lavatories (basins, commodes etc.) and kitchens
  • Main vent lines in drainage schemes
  • Rain water lines connecting rooftop of residences and complexes to gullies and gutters for the drainage of
    excess rain water
  • Disposal of effluents

Ring O fit and Selfit fittings (As per IS 14735-1999 with Latest Amendment)

  • Coupler Ring Socket
  • Door Bend RS
  • Bend 45° Ring Socket
  • Single Tee Ring Socket
  • Double Tee RS
  • Single Tee with Door Ring Socket
  • Cleaning Pipe RS
  • Single Y RS
  • Single Y RS with Door
  • Double Y RS
  • Double Y with door RS
  • Reducer
  • Coupler
  • Bend 87.5°
  • Bend 45°
  • Single Tee
  • Single Tee with Door
  • Reducing Y
  • Double Tee Plain
  • Double Tee with Door
  • Double Tee
  • Double Y
  • Double Y with Door
  • Multi Floor Trape
  • Gully Trap with Jaly
  • Nahni Trap with Jali
  • Vent Cowl
  • Nahani Trap without Jali