Be a piping pioneer

At Kasta, we are encouraged to strive for the best and offer best customer solutions. We aspire to create the best workplace for employees to showcase their talent and help them achieve their potential. We invite you into our exciting world of pipes by joining Kasta.

Our culture

Innovation and the best customer value has always been a major driving force at Kasta. We continue to focus on employing the best technologies and quality standards. This extensive approach is the result of an inspired and entrepreneurial approach the organisation.

Our people

At Kasta, our employees represent our biggest strength. We have created a team of empowered individuals and collaborative thought leaders. We have created equal opportunities for employees to excel in. We provide an environment that results in personal and professional employee growth. We foster a culture of gender diversity marked by gender-neutral policies, same-sex partner benefits and relevant training programmes (‘Managing Unconscious Biases’, ‘Leading With Impact’ and ‘Diversity Intelligence’). The result: we don’t just recruit employees; we engage partners in a mutually beneficial journey.




Maternity and
paternity leaves

engagement programmes



    Recruitment disclaimer and notification
    Kriti Industries engages in merit-based talent recruitment.
    This engagement process is marked by fairness, absence of discrimination and no consideration for gender or background of the prospective recruit.
    The recruitment is conducted through our Human Resources department. The company does not seek for any security deposit or fee (refundable or nonrefundable) at any stage of the recruitment process.

    These suggestions can protect prospective employees from recruitment fraud:

    • All employment-related emails will be routed out of our corporate email account with the following domain of (as opposed to free or generic email accounts). Double-check the URL or the web address of the company for any deviations from the norm.
    • Kriti Industries shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly through correspondence with fraudulent individuals or recruitment agencies; such communication should not be treated as an offer or representation from Kriti Industries.
    • Any job offer that requires the employment candidate to pay a fee in advance or for a completed process is most likely a scam. Our company solicits no money transfer, payment or security deposit, nor will any agency that recruits on our behalf.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please exercise the ‘Contact us’ link on our website.