Industrial solutions



FiBERTRACK is a bury-and-forget tracing technology duct design with a co-extruded and insulated tinplated
copper wire that can pin-point wherever the duct is buried. It works with a GPS-based locating system that can
produce real-time reports.
The non-intrusive measuring device, the receiver, takes measurements along the pipeline and plots results
directly onto the screen of the receiver. There is no need to carry extra logging and display devices. All the
data is displayed and logged into the receiver and can be downloaded to a spread sheet or dedicated analysis
A +/- 3m accuracy GPS antenna is included with the system. It links to the receiver via Bluetooth radio link.
The GPS enables the user to generate real-time current gradient graphs and guides the user back to a point of
interest by highlighting the user’s position on the graph.

  • Measures precise duct coordinates and the duct network can be plotted on the map.
  • Identifies if the duct is buried at the right depth, which means a confirmation on best practices of deployment
  • ABD’s (as built drawing) can be updated in real-time
  • It comes with a tracer wire and weather-proof jointing connecters.
  • Inner lubricant ‘Silk layer’ co-extruded with the HDPE duct reduces the co-efficient of friction and enhances
    blowing performance.