Industrial solutions



FiBERWAYS is a next generation micro duct design for in-building and direct buried micro cable installations for
FTTH networks. Several micro ducts are jacketed together, creating dedicated multiple pathways for fiber optic
and fiber micro cable.

  • Multi-duct configuration (1,2,4,5,7,12 FiBERWAYS) in sizes of 5/3.5 mm, 7/5.5 mm, 10/8 mm, 12/10 mm and
  • It increases network capacities manifold, offering easy micro fiber installations capable of carrying high speed
    network traffic in small micro ducts
  • FiBERWAYS can be installed at a low depth using micro trenching technology
  • The strong outer sheathing provides additional impact protection during installation
  • Ideal for air blown fiber installations; upgrade the network on the fly
  • Extra ultra violet (UV) protection ensures a longer life span
  • Anti-termite and anti-rodent protection
  • Easy routing, branching and quick network provisioning. The mid-span access of micro ducts provides
    flexibility to provision fiber, especially for in-building riser and plenum duct installations
  • Know the precise location through a GPS-based duct locating system
ConfigurationsOuter diameterAvg. wall thicknessMax OD of micro cable
5/3.55(±0.5 ) mm0.75 (+0.0/0.1) mm1.5 mm
7/5.57(±0.1) mm0.75 (+0.0/0.1) mm3.5 mm
10/810(±0.1) mm1.0 (+0.0/0.1) mm5.5 mm
12/1012(±0.1) mm1.0 (+0.0/0.1) mm6.5 mm
14/1014(±0.1) mm2.0 (+0.0/0.1) mm7.00 mm
14/1214(±0.1) mm1.0 (+0.0/0.1) mm7.5 mm