On-line drip irrigation system

  • Reference standard: IS 12786:1989 (Lateral), IS 13487:1992 (Dripper)
  • Product range: 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25mm, 32mm
  • Pressure rating: Class 1 (0.25 MPA), Class 2 (0.4 MPA) and Class 3 (0.6 MPA)
  • Dripper type: Online dripper
  • Dripper discharge: 4LHP, 8LPH and 14LPH (NPC)
  • Manufactured from genuine and quality raw material
  • Dripper opens in three different parts and is easy to clean
  • 50% water saving
  • No effect of chemicals and fertilizers on laterals
  • Suitable for widely spaced horticulture and nursery crops
  • Used in horticulture and medicinal plants as well as vegetables, banana, grapes, papaya, strawberry and mulberry etc.