Why Your Pump Requires a Suction Pipes?

Suction pipes are lifelines of the Indian Agriculture sector. These pipes have a wide range of usage in the agriculture sector due to their heavy-duty nature. Suction pipes are made of durable PVC with inbuilt spiral wires for extra strength. Moreover, the PVC pipes are non-corrosive and highly durable providing the ability to endure extreme weather and liquids of varying temperatures. Moreover, it is lightweight and flexible, which has added to its usage and durability. Their smooth bores avoid clogging and no kinking and bulging are seen even after rough use over rugged terrain.

The suction pipes from Kasta Pipes have been a piece of trusted equipment with Central India’s farmers. Kasta pipes have withstood the extreme climatic conditions and rough use over varied terrains and have proven their mettle. Suction pipes are used for transporting or transferring liquid and semi fluids from one point to another. These pipes have also been used for a variety of functions like pumping water, spreading fertilizer over large areas, removing sludge and stagnant unwanted water, transferring grain through grain vacuum application and can also be used as a ventilation blower for blowing off dust or debris. Kasta pipes have been the leading suction pipe manufacturer in India for over a decade now.

Suction pipes of various dimensions are fitted onto pumps according to the required function.

  • Suction pipes help the suction pump in providing optimum suction.
  • Larger suction pipe on the suction side helps in reducing cavitation and maintains even flow if the viscosity of the liquid is more than water.
  • Suction pipes also help in reducing wear and tear to the pump, when fitted as per flow dynamics and pump engineering, by reducing the load on the pump due to the vacuum created or other such hindrances.

Kasta pipes have been tried and tested throughout times and have proven their worth in durability, ease of use and money worth. They have also been supplying a vast range of pipes, cables, fittings, and plastic products to the market, with a guarantee of high quality. Get in touch with a Kasta pipe dealer and get the best of the pipes as per requirement, today. To know more about Kasta Pipe the leading pipe manufacturer in the country, visit our site.