What type of pipes are used in a borewell?

Experts unanimously trust uPVC casing pipes and column pipes when installing borewell setup for both domestic and industrial applications. uPVC pipes are unquestionably preferred over metal pipes due to their superior and sustainable properties that metal pipes lack. Let’s take a look at the unique characteristics that make uPVC pipes long last as much as 100 years.

Thermal shock and high-pressure resistant –  uPVC pipes are made of high quality unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is a robust, lightweight and durable material. The feature that provides such exceptional strength to uPVC pipe is the ability to endure thermal shocks and extreme pressure buildups. These pipes can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear without breaking or collapsing.

Rust-free – uPVC pipes never rust, unlike metal pipes which readily react with moisture or surrounding elements and rust. Rusting degenerates the surface of the metal pipes and makes them prone to abrupt bursts and cracks. On the other hand, uPVC pipes being non-corrosive do not deteriorate, burst or split, which makes them ideal for wet environments.

Inert – uPVC pipes do not react with chemically charged water and allow acidic, alkaline stream to pass through without letting such elements damage the inner surface. They also endure friction caused by abrasive water and stay unaffected when exposed to prolonged hot and cold temperatures. These pipes restrict bio organic growth and do not let debris adhere to the inner walls.

Effortless installation – uPVC pipes are manufactured in several sizes. They are designed to fit flawlessly with compatible fittings, and precise installation eliminates the possibility of leaky joints. uPVC pipes are also lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and deliver them at intricate plumbing sites. This lowers down the manual labour and cost. These pipes are well-suited to perform at domestic borewells as well as agriculture and industrial operations.

Ergonomic uPVC casing pipes and column pipes – Kasta uPVC pipes are non-toxic, lead-free and ideal for domestic usage. These pipes are incredibly durable, watertight, non-corrosive and rot-free. Kasta pipes do not impart any peculiar colour, odour, or taste into the water. They are ergonomically enhanced to promote a frictionless flow. These pipes possess a distinct locking system that is known as “O ring locking system” which secures the tube and coupler together to prevents the joints from loosening or leaking. Kasta column pipes absorb the vibrations induced by hydrostatic force and help in preventing pipeline structural failure. All these traits allow the borewell system to consume less electricity to draw water than the ordinary components. Kasta borewell pipes are safe, rustproof, and perform remarkably well under stressful conditions. These pipes can be used in diverse applications such as domestic borewell, farming, industrial mining, and chemical distribution. Kasta offers a long-lasting, low-maintenance yet a high-end piping solution for residential and industrial demands. No wonder, Kasta is one of the very few borewell pipes manufacturer in India that is singularly trusted by experts for its premium quality products.