What Are The Pros & Cons Of Borewell Pipes?

Borewell has been an integral source of water for many decades in areas where they can’t get enough potable water from the government supply. Borewell goes very deep into the earth so the pipes laid out for drawing water from the source beneath have to be of the utmost quality in its durability and against other factors that may lead to contamination of water.

There are two main kinds of pipes that are generally used for water flow and transfer namely PVC and GI pipes.

GI pipes are Galvanized Iron pipes that are extremely strong used for the distribution of treated or raw water in rural and urban areas. This was also highly used in the plumbing of buildings and houses. It has its cons too. They tend to corrode and have been prone to clogging. They are heavier than PVC pipes and harder to be cut and not flexible.

PVC has found its way through the GI pipe dominated market in recent times and have taken up a lot of functions that GI pipe was used in.

PVC pipes have the advantage of being very long-lasting, lightweight, strong, durable, cost-efficient and sustainable.

Some major advantages of PVC Pipes that make them best suited for Borewell:

  • Smooth surface of PVC bore encourages a faster flow of water.
  • Lead-free and chemical resistant keeping the water free from contamination.
  • Lightweight and easier to install and handle.
  • Flexible and cheaper option than most of the pipes.
  • Self-extinguishing and does not support combustion.
  • Stable performance at great depths

With almost negligible disadvantages PVC pipes have taken the pipes market by storm and have held their place for quite some time now.

Kasta PVC pipes have always stood the test of time and harsh conditions due to their high-quality material, modern make and durable characteristics. The leading manufactures of PVC Pipes in India make the pipes in different sizes according to your needs.

Take an educated decision when buying pipes for Borewell as the cost of replacing pipes in case of malfunctioning can be quite costly. The experts suggest that PVC pipes could be the best option when you are choosing for Borewell installation. For more information on PVC pipes its uses and advantages, visit the Kasta Pipes site.