What Are The Benefits Of Column Pipes In Your Borewell

It’s a no brainer that column pipe is a crucial component to any borewell framework. Depending upon the choice of the pipe, your borewell project will either succeed or fall apart. So, before you put in the tubes, let’s dig deep into the world of column pipes and learn how it works.

What are column pipes?

Column pipes are long tubes of different diameters that are used to extract and transport fluids. They are usually made from a combination of plastic and vinyl, called uPVC. It is non-corrosive, highly durable and possesses exceptional tensile strength to withstand tremendous hydrostatic pressure.

What are column pipes used for?

Column pipes are largely used within the borewell and tubewell structures to draw water from underground aquifer. They are also used with submersible and jet pumps for agricultural irrigation as well as for industrial mining and distribution of chemicals.

Kasta is a leading column pipes manufacturer in India and goes one step further than industry standards to produce high-end rustproof pipes for better performance and safety. We makes durable, lightweight and easy to fit products. These pipes are ergonomically designed to let the water pass through them effortlessly. The inside walls of these pipes are deliberately kept smooth, so they do not accumulate residue and water flow is unrestricted. The durable, rust and rot free material used in the pipes make them suitable to extract soft and hard water and a good fit for the transportation of fluids mixed with abrasive chemicals.

Depending on the purpose of the bore and its depth, the specifications of column pipes change. It is vital to choose the right diameter of the column pipe to suit the depth of the bore so it will endure the hydrostatic pressure of water current. A standard bore up to 80 meters of depth needs a column pipe of 1” to 2”, whereas a medium bore of 80 to 250 meters range requires a pipe of 1” to 4” diameter. A heavy bore above 250 meters to 450 meters of depth needs a 1.25” to 4” diameter pipe.

Specialty of Kasta column pipes

  1. Kasta column pipes have a specific locking mechanism called “O ring locking system” that locks the pipe and coupler together. This reduces the loosening of joints which is caused by repeated turning on and off operation of the pump.
  2. They have leak-proof joints to reduce water seepage and can retain a high flow of water because the inner walls are smooth and do not interrupt the water current.
  3. Column pipes can absorb the vibrations caused by hydrostatic force, hence making it resistant to structural failure.
  4. They are highly noncorrosive and do not rot.
  5. These pipes do not bend, break or leak and last longer than the regular pipes.

Kasta is a high performing column pipes manufacturer in India and is the number one choice of industrial experts for borewell, agricultural irrigation, industrial mining, and chemical distribution. We present a long-lasting, low maintenance and cost-effective option for domestic and industrial needs. So if you are going to dig up a hole, you might as well go with Kasta, for a sure shot at success.