UPVC Pipes – An Ideal Choice for Drinking and Cold Water Supply

The world over, civilisations have centredaround access to clean, potable drinking water. Since the birth of modern civilisation, man’s quest to find suitable material to carry clean, unadulterated, and chemically unchanged water supply to every remote corner has ledtoinnumerable experimentation and research.

The journey started with the production and useof metal pipes, which soon posed serious health concerns on corrosion, physical damage, chemical changes, and susceptibility to fluctuations in temperature, which led to the quest for something less affected byexternal factors. Plastic pipes were a revelation in such circumstances, albeit with certain essential drawbacks.However,scientists persevered,which led to the invention of something that completely revolutionisedthe face of the plumbing industry and took it bystorm.

Owingto the distinctadvantages they brought to the fore, UPVC Pipes Manufacturers in Indiasoon became the most sought after choicefor all plumbing needs for boththe residential and commercialsectors.

What are UPVC Pipes?

UPVC Pipes (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are used the world over as the most popular form of plastic pipes, as they are highly resistant to chemical corrosion and havesmoother textured walls to allow optimal water flow.

Key Features of UPVC Pipes that render it the best choice for Drinking & Cold Water Flow:

  1. NeutralityUPVC Pipes behave neutrally irrespective of the nature of their carrier fluid and since they are completely odorless and tasteless, which makes them the safest bet for drinking water transportation.
  2. StrengthUPVC Pipes are many times tougher than PVC Pipes as additional plasticizing polymers are not used during manufacturing. This, in turn, makes it longer lasting.
  3. Chemical & Weather Resistant: UPVC pipes are the most popular for they can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature and operating pressures. They are extremely strong and thus the most frequently used pipes for drinking and cold water flow as also for sewage lines and exterior drainage pipes.
  4. Safe & SecureUPVC pipes have minimal, or no health risks associated with them since phthalates or BPA is not used in their production and hence are the most recommended pipes for the passage of clean, portable drinking water.
  5. DurabilityUPVC Pipes are more durable than normal PVC pipes and display high resistance to sunlight, oxidation, and various other chemicals.
  6. Cost-viability: The ubiquitousness of UPVC Pipes in a variety of field owes a lot to their cost-effectiveness because of low weight, faster transportation, and easy installation. Low maintenance cost and negligible cost of replacement also tilt the balance in their favor.
  7. Eco-friendly: UPVC Pipes pose less threat to the ecology as compared to conventional plastic pipes since they are produced using virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds.
  8. Light-weight: With a weight less than 1/5th times that of conventional metal pipes leading to easy transportation and subsequent installation, UPVC Pipes have turned out to be the first choice for plumbers all across the globe.