The Unmissable Pipes You Should Have for Better Agriculture

Water assumes paramount significance in any kind of farming practice. Yet the world over, not more than 15% of arable land has access to a regular source of water supply. The situation being even more dismal in India since most of our agricultural produce is dependent on monsoons, which tend to be highly unreliable.
Only a small fraction of our entire cultivable land gets a continuous supply from a reliable water source. An efficient irrigation system is the key to provide proper, timely, and regular water supply to the crops:
1. India has a burgeoning population, and in order to feed the millions, a steady and sustained water supply is an essential pre-requisite.
2. Rainfall is highly erratic, and frequent famines and droughts wreak havoc on an economy that is largely agrarian in nature. Moreover, the intense summer and arid winters necessitate the network of a sound irrigation system to ensure round the year water supply.
3. Different terrains have different water requirements for different varieties of crops, which can only be sustainably met through an efficient irrigation system.
The usage of pipes in Agriculture falls into three basic categories:
1. Pipes are used to source water from ponds, rivers, and bore-wells for irrigation.
2. Pipes are also used for the targeted application of chemicals, fertilizer, and moisture directly to roots. Drip irrigation system is the latest trend in agriculture that has completely revolutionized the traditional practice of spraying fertilizer, pesticide, and water and provides an easy, cost-effective method of improving the yield and quality while simultaneously saving on labour, chemical, and energy costs.
3. Suction Pipes are used to convey water to the fields, remove sludge or unwanted debris, transfer grains through vacuum application, and ventilation or blow off dust or husk from grains.
Choice of the Right Material
Thus, the selection of the right kind of material forms the basis of an economically viable, long-lasting, and reliable solution for water supply.
Rapid technological innovations in this key aspect have propelled RPVC (Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes as the top contenders owing to their inherent advantages over traditional metal pipes:
• These pipes are an absolute must for the farming community because they cost less than a fraction of other materials and are compounded with easy installation, lightweight, and superlative performance. They are the most obvious choice.
• They are uniquely flexible, which reduces the need for expensive fittings, and are corrosion resistant and immune to UV rays, high heat, and salt content.
• A toughened body helps to withstand high water pressure and counter external weight from heavy agricultural equipment.

1. Tough and durable.
2. Long-life and low maintenance.
3. Economically Viable.
4. Excellent resistance to Ultraviolet rays, chemical, and natural corrosion.
5. The smooth body ensures proper flow and minimum frictional loss
6. Lightweight leads to more comfortable handling and transportation
7. Low installation cost
8. Non-toxic.
9. Customizable.
10. State of the Art technology ensures premium quality.

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