The Advantage of RPVC pipes used in piping systems

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is a plastic polymer that is fabricated in two different forms, rigid and flexible. RPVC is a rigid form of Polyvinyl Chloride. RPVC is chiefly used in construction work and industrial applications. Products like plumbing pipes, fittings, packaging material, vinyl windows and doors are made with this material because it possesses outstanding strength & load-bearing capacity. Following are outstanding advantages of RPVC pipes that make them a perfect fit for domestic and commercial applications.

High Endurance – RPVC pipes are light-weight, UV resistant, and sturdy. They can endure the abrasive environments and rough treatment very efficiently without requiring much maintenance. These pipes do not rust, corrode or rot. They are watertight and do not leak, burst or crack and stay unaffected by fluctuating temperatures. Since RPVC possess exceptional inertness, these pipes last much longer than their conventional counterparts.

Essential Resistance – RPVC pipes are resistant to moisture, oxidising elements as well as acids and alkalis. They does not participate in any chemical reactions and stay unresponsive to prolonged oils and effluents exposure. They possess exceptionally high thermal, chemical and electrical resistance. Due to the presence of chlorine in the formulation, RPVC is constitutionally a fire retardant and a self-extinguishing material. These pipes offer a durable and economical construction componant for domestic and industrial utilisation.

Secure bond – RPVC pipes can be readily bonded to form joints with the help of solvent cement, which is popularly known as pipe glue. Unique formulation of PVC solvent cement makes the RPVC material soft and workable. It is universally used to connect pipes and fittings by bonding two separate pieces together permanently. This process requires some drying time, and once the pipe and fittings are glued together with the solvent and allowed to dry, these joints become airtight, watertight and unsaperable.

Low Maintenance РRPVC pipes require no additional maintenance such as applications of protective coatings to make them last longer. They are remarkably strong and durable on their own. The smooth inner walls make the liquids flow 30% faster through RPVC pipes than the traditional metal, concrete or GI ones. These pipes are very hygienic because they resist organic growth and do not require cleaning. They also do not let scale formation deposit on the inner surface which automatically enhancing the flow because least resistance is exerted on the fluid by the walls. This quality also reduces the power consumption and prolongs the pipeline’s lifespan.

Applications – RPVC pipes are suitable for agricultural irrigation systems, domestic pumping operations as well as industrial purposes. RPVC pipes are both suitable for micro and macro irrigation, including traditional as well as drip irrigation systems. These pipes are also utilised for distribution and disposal of saltwater, sewage, chemically charged fluids, acid and slurry.

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