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Suction pipe is an often-overlooked component of pumping systems. But no matter how underrated it might be, it is an incredibly important part of the operation. If you install a suction pipe without checking its size, length or miscalculate the friction-loss, your pump won’t function properly, or even entirely fail to operate. So, let’s learn all about the purpose of suction pipes.

Function of suction pipe in your pumps –

Suction pipes are applied to the pumps like submersible pumps and jet pumps all around the world. The pumping systems draw water and other fluids from various sources by creating a partial vacuum and pushing them into vacant space. Suction pumps collect the drawn fluids and convey them from one point to another.

Applications of suction pipes –

Suction pipes are predominantly utilized for commercial and industrial applications. In the agricultural industry, suction pipes are implemented to extract and dispense freshwater, seawater and fertilizers. In the petroleum industry, they are used to siphon the paraffin, diesel, and petroleum. Mining and construction industries apply them in different terrains to eliminate water and sludge and transport cement mixture and sewage. Chemical industries use them to distribute and transport chemicals like acids, alkalis, synthetic byproducts and hydraulic fluids. Even the food industry utilizes food-grade non-toxic suction pipes for dispensing raw materials, beverages, semi-solid and liquid components.

Properties of suction pipes that makes them perfect for your pumps –

Suction pipes are made of a long-lasting and robust material Poly Vinyl Chloride which is also known as PVC. The unique physicochemical properties of PVC make the suction pipes rust-free, rot free, durable, and pressure-resistant.

Where can you find the best suction pipes for your pumps –

Kasta is the preeminent suction pipes manufacturer in India which is known to deliver a broad range of high-grade, budget-friendly suction pipes that are well suited for domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. They are available in size variants of ¾ inch to 6 inches. Spiral wires are inserted in them to provide extra flexibility and added toughness. Kasta suction pipes are long-lasting, non-corrosive, friction-free and bio growth-resistant. These are one of the best suction pipes you can find for your submersible or jet pumps. No matter what kind of the pumps do you use or what your purpose is; always make sure to use the right size and length of suction pipes in your pumps. Always choose high-grade suction pumps from brands that are trusted by experts, like Kasta suction pipes which work efficiently with your pumps for extended years.