Garden Pipes

Kasta Protech Garden Pipes

Kasta Protech Garden Pipes are made of flexible PVC which makes them easy to bend. These pipes have high resistance to all types of chemicals and can withstand very high and low temperature. Which is why, they are also suitable for carrying inflammables like petrol, kerosene, diesel etc. Its smooth inside bore and transparency ensures easy location of blockages, hence gives unobstructed flow.

Salient Features

-Highly flexible in nature even at very low or high temperature Fluorescent colour.
-Smooth inside bore.
-Chemical resistant.
-No oil secretion in summers.


-In watering gardens, construction sites, residential areas, domestic use etc.
-Delivery of water, petrol, diesel, kerosene etc.
-In crop fields for spraying chemicals.
-Transportation of water and sprinkler systems.

Technical Specifications

Material PVC
Working Temperature 5°C-45°C
Colour Green with White Strip
Effect on Stabiliser & Water 1st Extraction 1 mg/Itr & Water 3rd Extraction 0.3 mg/Itr.
Bending Capacity in cold temperature Excellent
Loss in mass on heating Max 3%