Fiber Fly


FiBERFLY is a unique telecom inner ribbed duct design that ensures blowing at an extra distance. The optimized geometry produces “suction effect” that multiples the pulling force and optical fiber cable floats in the HDPE Duct with enhanced velocity.

  1. Elliptical Interior ribs geometry reduce surface contact with optical fiber cable during installation.
  2. Also enhances the aerodynamics during blowing and provides an extra movement. It creates a jet engine like forward propulsion within the duct.
  3. The stress on Optical fiber is contained and that means longer life span and low cable losses.
  4. Long distance blowing means less coupling, less network deployment time which means low network buildup cost.
  5. It also ensures use of longer cable length drums which means less splicing and optimized optical link budgets. Net saving on capital expenditure incurred on additional joint enclosures, Jointing pits and other accessories.
  6. The operational expenditure gets reduced as less maintenance is required over a long haul duct routes.
  7. Inner lubricant ‘Silk layer” coextruded with HDPE reduces coefficient of friction & enhances blowing performance.
  8. Tested against stringent elongation break requirements which eliminate issues during HDD (Horizontal directional drilling).