Fiber F8


FiBERF8 is a design for Aerial installation of the fiber optic micro cable. Right of way (ROW) is a real challenge when it comes to buried installations as it is impacts time and cost of deployment. Aerial micro fibers protected by FiBERF8 Figure 8 ducts can reduce the ROW issues & installation time.

  1. It protects the overhead cables from hostile environmental degradations.
  2. Co-extruded messenger wire (Figure 8) used for in air suspension.
  3. Comes with an extra UV protection.
  4. Armouring provides tensile strength and safeguard cable against vandalism.
  5. Permanent Inner lubricant ‘Silk layer” coextruded with HDPE reduces coefficient of friction & enhances blowing/pulling performance.
  6. Anti termite & anti rodent options are available
  7. Various sizes are available along with host of accessories which makes the installation hassle free.