How RPVC Pipes Are Helpful in Agricultural Sector

RPVC/ UPVC (Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride/ Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are now the default for most use-cases in the agricultural sector. Because of their cost-effectiveness, strength and variety, PVC pipes and fittings have become the go-to option for most farmers across the globe.

In agriculture where the main requirement for pipes is for moving water along complex water system, hydroponic structures or across long uneven terrains, strength and durability are two most critical features for pipes in this sector – and RPVC/UPVC pipes undoubtedly have both these qualities in spades.
Let’s look more closely at what makes RPVC pipes perfect for agricultural activities: 

RPVC pipes are tough

Not only can RPVC pipes manage high water pressure, but they are also strong enough to withstand the external weight of agricultural equipment such as tractors or wheelbarrows, which might go over them occasionally.

Extremely Durable

Apart from its intrinsic strength, RPVC pipes are also extremely long-lasting. They are all-weather friendly, corrosion and rust resistance, and chemical and UV resistant as well. These qualities ensure that they don’t crack or degrade in a harsh outdoor environment.


RPVC pipes present an economical option as compared to metal or rubber pipes. They cost a fraction of these materials, and this financial benefit can be passed on the end consumers as well. Also, due to its light weight, handling, transport and storage expenses are much reduced.


PVC pipes are available in numerous structures, and you can easily find any size, thickness, or length option you want for your specific project. RPVC pipes also come with a variety of fittings which makes them customisable for any terrain and purpose. They come with the option of solvent cement bonding (also known as pipe glue) which connects pipes and fittings by bonding two separate pieces together permanently. This process makes the RPVC pipe and fitting joints air and watertight.


Whether you are a large scale farmer or a hobby horticulturist, investing in RPVC pipes for your irrigation needs is a sound decision. With the right treatment, these pipes will last you decades and serve their purpose without a hitch throughout. Do browse our website or speak with our dealers for best deals in Kasta RPVC pipes. Kasta Pipes is one of India’s leading RPVC pipe manufacturer and is recognised nationwide for its premium quality products.

How Can Garden Pipes help You Maintain A Green Garden

Imagine managing your outside area without a garden hose! Whether you have a small front lawn or a vast kitchen garden at the back, irrigating it with watering cans or buckets is not a solution that will work. Without a garden pipe, maintaining these spaces at optimal levels of greenery would be absolutely impossible.

However, not every garden pipe is worth the money you spend on it. With so many excellent garden pipe manufacturers in India, there is no need to settle for substandard materials. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to while purchasing your garden hose –

Is it environmentally friendly?

Many cheaper versions of garden pipes are manufactured from restricted and banned substances such as phthalates and chlorinated paraffines. Buying a garden pipe from a licensed and well-known manufacturer will ensure that you have a pipe that not only lasts long but is also environment friendly.

Is it the right size and length for your garden?

Nothing defeats the purpose of a new garden hose more than ill-fitting and leaking joints. Do measure your water outlet to understand the size requirements while buying your pipe. Ideally, the joints should be snug and minimal in number. It is best to get a pipe that is longer than your needs as it can easily be used elsewhere!

Which material is the right one?

While ordinary rubber pipes are available all over, it is best to go for one made of flexible PVC plastic. These are lighter, more durable and far more affordable than old fashioned rubber ones. But even in PVC garden pipes, there is a whole range of qualities to choose from – we recommend you buy from well-known manufacturers to get maximum service life from the pipe.

So, once you have the best garden pipe money can buy, you can put it to work and get your greenery in tip-top condition. A good quality garden pipe will ensure that

  • You don’t waste water,
  • You don’t have to deal with flow obstruction due to kinks and bends
  • You don’t have to buy a new garden hose every few years due to weather degradation. Many PVC garden pipes are also UV resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  • You reach all corners of your outdoor space easily with their flexibility.

From flexible and strong pipes for agriculture to heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant pipes for industrial usage to a variety of supporting joints and solvents – Kasta has been supplying a massive range of pipes across India since 1992. So, if you are shopping around for a new garden pipe, then we why not get in touch with our representatives and dealers?