An energetic organization on a long haul charting a distinct course for customer admiration, led by a disciplined team of vibrant people.


Kriti undertakes to dedicate itself and all its resources to achieving global excellence in the present sectors of operations and seeking growth via diversification. We adopt the following as our mission objectives:
• Cherishing mutually satisfying relationships
• Encouraging innovation through creativity
• Constant technological upgradations to maintain superiority
• Inculcating team spirit amongst the workforce and ensuring their development through professional improvement in their capabilities and welfare for them and their families
• Contributing to the social and economic upliftment of the underprivileged in the society and in making the nation stronger
• Honesty in approach, transparency in work and dealings
• Adoption of green technology to conserve environment and reduction of ourcarbon footprint

Our Values

• Encouraging creativity and valuing new thoughts.
• Using appropriate technology.
• Lending a helping hand to society’s developmental needs.
• Being honest and forthright in our approach.
• Being in harmony with the natural order.
• Customer focus with world class quality and cost-effective products


• Have Candour.
• Be intolerant to bureaucracy.
• Don’t deal with excuses or problems, find solutions.
• Clarity, teamwork and good thinking defines leadership.
• Own end to end responsibility and ensure timely delivery of output.
• ‘Make it happen’ on the target date . In case any support is needed, please take it before target date.

Our Strength

• Knowledge and creative thinking of our people.
• Continuous development of new products.
• Largest range of plastic pipes and fittings in India.
• Reliable quality and product performance.
• Long term business relationship.
• Presence and awareness of developments in all types of extrusion, Injection molding, blow molding techniques for thermoplastics
• Reputed presence in soya meal and refined oil.